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Bystanders can help more cardiac arrest victims survive

Only 8% of Americans survive cardiac arrest outside a hospital, but that percentage could increase significantly if bystanders recognize cardiac arrest and perform simple lifesaving tasks, a UVA Health physician says. UVA emergency medicine physician William J. Brady, MD, co-authored an article in the New England Journal of Medicine that highlights a few steps anyone […]

Health Problems

High out-of-pocket costs can make lifesaving medications out of reach for millions of Americans with CD

One in 8 adults with common heart diseases and stroke skip taking medications, delay filling prescriptions or take lower doses than prescribed because of concerns about cost, according to new research published today in the American Heart Association’s journal Circulation. “The out-of-pocket cost of medications is a huge issue for millions of high-risk patients with […]

Health Problems

U.S. states can do more to prevent, treat lung cancer

(HealthDay)—States can do more to prevent and treat lung cancer, according to a report published online Nov. 13 by the American Lung Association. Researchers provided a state-specific description of the burden of and opportunities to address lung cancer. Incidence, survival, early diagnosis, surgical treatment, lack of treatment, and screening were considered by state. According to […]

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Can indoor plants improve the air?

Produce oxygen and harmful substances that degrade the indoor air: indoor plants have a positive effect on the indoor air quality, so the common opinion. Studies of Drexel University, according to the capacity of the plant is overvalued, however. More effective is to simply open the window. A closer look at 30 years of research […]

Health Problems

Can science explain consciousness?

Explaining how something as complex as consciousness can emerge from a grey, jelly-like lump of tissue in the head is arguably the greatest scientific challenge of our time. The brain is an extraordinarily complex organ, consisting of almost 100 billion cells—known as neurons—each connected to 10,000 others, yielding some ten trillion nerve connections. We have […]