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The Symptoms of Alcohol Poisoning You Need to Know

Here's something you probably already know but bears repeating: Alcohol is a drug—and while it's available pretty much everywhere and can be totally fine in moderation, too much of it can cause some serious damage to your body. Case in point: alcohol poisoning. According to the most recent data, about six people die of alcohol […]

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Liver Transplants Tied to Alcohol Use Doubled Since 2002

WEDNESDAY, Jan. 23, 2019 — The percentage of U.S. liver transplant recipients with alcohol-associated liver disease (ALD) doubled over 15 years, but significant regional variations remain, a new study finds. ALD has replaced hepatitis C as the most common reason for U.S. liver transplants. One reason is that hepatitis C rates have decreased due to […]

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What is more dangerous – marijuana or alcohol?

Actually, for anybody not a secret that alcohol and marijuana will not bring your health benefits, and this article in no case should not be seen as a call to consume alcohol or cannabis. We decided to write this material because so many people really interested in the question What is more harmful marijuana or […]