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This tick could stay in apartments

The brown dog tick, which is actually in the Mediterranean, home, feels, more recently, also in Germany, especially in apartments. Prior to that, experts from the University of Hohenheim warn. For the research, the population is asked to, finds the Brown dog tick to report with image.

Around 25 degrees and dry, she’s lurking it the most, in small, stony columns. And if then a dog is nearby, the Brown dog tick, the ideal habitat for discovered. "Other than our Common wood tick, the Brown dog tick very well in apartments überleben", Katrin Fachet from the Department of Parasitology of the University of Hohenheim says. At home she is actually in the Mediterranean and North Africa, in our warm and especially dry apartments it suits her very well.

According to Germany, they brought with vacationers, Prof. Dr. Ute Mackenstedt, Parasitology login and expert on ticks at the University of Hohenheim. "It have also been found already in specimens of dogs had left their yard never – a reference to the fact that the way has taken may already be on foot."

Once ensconced, you can tick the Brown Dog quickly to a very unpleasant nuisance. "A dog tick females may lay up to 4,000 eggs. Within a few months, it has said then quickly several 100,000 ticks in the apartment,” Fachet. Normally, the Brown dog attacks dogs tick almost exclusively. "The Population is too great and the host is no longer sufficient, then you is not picky, and the next best thing: looking for The Menschen", so Fachet.

TBE or Lyme disease pathogen has not been detected in this tick species. However, other diseases: "The Brown dog tick can lead to serious diseases of dogs führen", the expert warns. Also to the people of communicable diseases such as Mediterranean spotted fever it brings.

The researchers at the University of Hohenheim, want to take care of concerned citizens, from the beginning to the end of the infestation. Those who accept that it has come into his household to an infestation of the brown dog tick, can send an E-Mail with a picture of a tick on [email protected] .